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Consumer proposal

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What is a consumer proposal?

A consumer proposal is a formal procedure administered by a licensed insolvency trustee. The purpose of a consumer proposal is to provide you with a partial but final settlement of your debts, over a set period of time, in line with your ability to pay.

Payments under an accepted consumer proposal are made through us.

Under what circumstances is a consumer proposal relevant?


Avoid bankruptcy by negotiating consumer proposals with your creditors, we offer you a viable and sustainable payment plan.


We work with you to preserve all your assets, negotiating with your creditors so you don’t have to sacrifice your assets to get out of debt.


We help you put an end to creditor calls by putting in place formal agreements that we manage on your behalf.

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How does a consumer proposal work?

•  We will file the consumer proposal with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB).
• Once the consumer proposal is filed, you will stop making payments directly to your unsecured creditors.
• Also, if your creditors have garnished your wages or taken legal action against you, these actions are permanently stopped by the consumer proposal.

    If your consumer proposal is accepted:

•  You will be required to pay a lump sum or make periodic payments according to the terms of your consumer proposal.
•  You will keep your property.
•  If your proposal is refused, we can always increase the amount to make it acceptable to your creditors and avoid bankruptcy.

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Example of a consumer proposal

  • In a consumer proposal, you offer to pay your creditors 20% of your debts, in monthly instalments of $350, over a period of thirty-six (36) months; payments are made to the trustee each month, and the trustee redistributes them to the creditors of the accepted consumer proposal at regular intervals.
  • When the consumer proposal is completed according to its terms, you are released from your debts. Your credit file is re-established 3 years after the consumer proposal is executed.
  • Only a licensed insolvency trustee can file a consumer proposal on your behalf.
  • Real-life situations
    See the following situations on our home page for a better understanding of the consumer proposal process: Marc’s consumer proposal to the taxman; Pierre and Hélène’s financial headache and consumer proposal.

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