About us

When you need help because the debt burden is getting out of control, it is important to have professionals who are available
and easy to reach.

This is the service we provide. Read the reviews of our clients, and you will understand that these are not vague promises,
but a real commitment that we will maintain throughout the resolution of your case.

Too often, some firms will administer your file from an administrative center, to which you will be directed after signing
for any questions that are sure to arise. Signing is only one step, and with us, you will continue to have easy access
to the person you initially met, in the same city where you filed your case.

In business since 1962, our values ​​are integrity, transparency and service to our customers.

But don’t just believe what you read. Come and meet us to discuss your situation with confidence.
You will understand our commitment to take your situation to heart and resolve it.

Looking forward to serving you.

Fabien Tremblay