Cas pratiques

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Pierrette is a widow, her husband passed away  5 years ago, she has 5 grandchildren. Her source of income includes ; Survivors’ Benefits, Retirement Pension Plan  as well as Old Age Security Pension. She lives in a small apartment and doesn’t own a car.

Pierrette loves to take care of her children and grandchildren. One day she realises that she no longer can make the minimum payments to her creditors. She finds her situation very stressful. Furthermore, some creditors have already transferred their account to recovery agencies that will not stop calling her.

Meeting with a trustee

Pierrette decides to meet with a counsellor from Tremblay & Cie for a free evaluationof her financial situation. Pierrette is happily surprised about the team’s professionalism in making her feel at ease and not judged by the counsellor. To better understand her situation, we completed with Pierrette a questionnaire analysing her monthly income and expenses as well as her assets and bebt. The analyse completed, we discuss the possible alternatives and their consequences for Pierrette : budgetary help, consolidation, consumer proposal or bankruptcy.


Whatever the solution decided on, Pierrette  benefits from the services given by an insolvency professional who listens and helps her manage her financial situation.

This is of course a fictitious situation, but very representative of the services we offer to those experiencing budgetary difficulties.