Step 2

Step 2

Clean your credit file: verify your credit file and contact the credit bureau to correct any mistakes

Never pay anyone to clean or update your credit file. Do it yourself by following the steps as explained below.

Let Equifax and TransUnion know immediately about your Certificate of Release or your Certificate of Full Performance by sending a copy of one or the other. The credit bureau will correct any mistakes in your credit file and keep all pertinent information.

Now that you have your full release, you must clean your credit file and make sure it is up to date.

It is usual to find many errors in your credit file. When you are released, your debts at the time of your bankruptcy or your proposal should show as “included in bankruptcy” or “icluded in proposal”.

Verify your credit file to see if you have any errors to correct

Obtain a free credit report from Equifax or TransUnion by downloading the required forms.

Correct errors with EQUIFAX
Correct errors with TRANSUNION

When you have completed this step, go to Step 3